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We pride ourselves on providing one of the best pet care services in Manchester, Salford and Stockport.

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Charlie & Friends

We pride ourselves on providing one of the best pet care services in Manchester, Salford and Stockport. We’re pretty amazing at what we do and the pets we take care of absolutely love us. They look forward to seeing us each and every time.
When it comes to dog walking, a dog is just like you and us, so the safety and wellbeing of every dog in our care is always our top priority. We complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check on our dog walkers before they start working with us. As part of our initial training process we ensure that every dog walker completes a canine first aid course. Our dog walkers also complete various canine related CPD qualifications and receive on the job training throughout their career. It is our belief that every dog walker in the pet services industry should receive adequate training and actively complete additional qualifications to support their role as standard. It's also good to know that we're insured with PBI (Pet Business Insurance) which provides cover for accidents & injury to animals and public liability.
At the park we socialise, play games and walk around. We always reward good behaviour using positive reinforcement and treats. We only use treats that are natural and grain free because we recognise that many dogs have allergies or sensitive stomachs. The maximum number of dogs we take is four dogs per dog walker to a large park. We carry a first aid kit, water bowls and plenty of clean towels. We also use our own leads, treats, balls and waste bags. We update our social media pages throughout the day, so all owners can see what their dog gets up to on their walks. From funny videos to cute pictures, we upload them all. 
We’re not just dog walkers either. We provide other services too such as puppy visits for puppies who can’t go out for walks yet, cat sitting for our amazing feline friends, small animal visits, and we also have a pet taxi service where we can take your pet from A to B when you need it.  

Scott (pictured) - Founder, Dog Walker and Pet Sitter
Dedicated to his passion and adoration for animal care, he founded Charlie & Friends in 2017. Ever since, he has been providing loyal and loving pet care to the Greater Manchester area. He prides himself on patience, kindness and competence — and our clients would agree. It’s why so many of them use our services on a regular basis. No job is too big or too small for him to handle. With a vast knowledge of canine behaviours, canine communication, training skills, being canine first aid trained, and having years of experience under his belt, your pet will be well looked after with Scott. His love for dogs and animals started at an early age when he would always help his mum with the family dogs, and at weekends and in the school holidays he would also help his sister with her 20 Pomeranians. From feeding them, to walking them, to helping out at dog shows, it was something he always loved doing. 

Ruby - Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Ruby’s passion for dogs started from a young age and would regularly ask her mum for a dog, but was always told no. Ruby began to spend time caring for various dogs belonging to family and friends. Her love for them just grew and some might say she enjoys the company of dogs more than humans. 
During lockdown 2020 Ruby regularly looked after, walked and trained her neighbours dog, a Border Terrier named Roxy, (The Roxinator as Ruby likes to call her), she was crazy! Roxy struggled with recall and her owner didn’t feel comfortable walking her without a lead. Through Ruby's dedicated training as the year went on, Roxy developed practically perfect recall (unless squirrels or birds were involved) and is now much more well behaved whilst out on her walks.
Ruby is a highly intuitive person who competently knows how to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes, and she enjoys ensuring their welfare. You can be confident of outstanding care whilst your dog is in Ruby’s hands.

Becky - Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Becky is truly passionate about dogs of all breeds and sizes. She's very hands on and definitely isn't afraid to get wet and muddy. She loves adventures in the great outdoors and can often be found out with her border collie when she's not working. Gifted with the experience of owning her own dog, she knows exactly how important it is to provide the best quality care.

Olivia - Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Olivia's love of animals started at a young age and she has been a horse rider since she was 6 years old. She was fortunate to have owned her own horse for a while which included a lot of work including all the grooming and day to day looking after. Her family have always had cats but Olivia was never allowed a dog so she started looking after her friends and neighbours instead. She spent an entire summer looking after a Saint Bernard puppy and another looking after Betty the sausage dog. She regularly visits one of her best friends, Bruce the boxer who she absolutely adores. She enjoys working with all breeds of dogs in any type of weather! 

Our Partners
As a reputable company we’ve built relationships with numerous developments across Manchester and Salford. We’re proud to provide our services on their resident services websites and concierge apps.
We’re currently partnered with:
We’re always looking to partner with more developments, so please get in touch if you’d like us to feature on your resident services website or concierge app.



What is your availability? 
We have availability most days for walks. Our walk times are 10am, 12:30pm and 3pm Monday to Friday, however, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes are in high demand across the industry due to many people choosing to work from home on Mondays and Fridays, so these are largely unavailable across the board. On Saturdays we operate a reduced diary for walks, which means the times available are 10am and/or 12:30pm, and any Saturday booking must be made by 8pm on a Friday evening. Cat Sitting, Puppy Visits, Small Animal Visits and Pet Taxi are still available 7 days a week between 9am and 6pm. ​ 

We are now taking bookings for Cat Sitting, Puppy Visits, Small Animal Visits and Pet Taxi for Christmas and New Year. This includes the bank holiday days. 

Will my dog be safe with your dog walkers? 
The safety and wellbeing of every dog in our care is always our top priority. We provide training on security, canine first aid, canine behaviours and canine communication. All training is given and/or supervised by Scott, our Founder, Dog Walker & Pet Sitter. Our dog walkers are carefully selected following our two stage interview process and we carry out a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check before they start working with us. 

Will my dog be walked by the same dog walker every day? 
Your dog will be mostly be walked by the same dog walker every day. There will be occasions where another one of our dog walkers takes your dog out, however, your dog should've met that dog walker before out on our walks. 

Can I meet the dog walker taking out my dog before they start? 
We can arrange a meeting before your dogs first day or you can wait to meet them on your dogs first day - it's up to you. We do request that you are home on the start date to make sure your dog is comfortable coming with us and to give us keys and/or fobs. You will also need to show us where your dogs harness or collar is kept and tell us where they're allowed to go in the home when you aren't home. However, don't worry if you can't be there as you will have already added notes in your dogs profile in your client portal as part of our client registration process. 

Where will my dog be walked? 
We take our groups to large parks in Manchester, Salford and Stockport. 

Will my dog be walked on or off the lead? 
With owner permission we walk all dogs off the lead providing their recall is satisfactory. If your dogs recall isn't great we can help to improve this, however, your dog will be walked on our long line lead until we are comfortable with their progress. 

How many dogs are walked at the same time? 
Our groups are kept to a maximum of six per dog walker. Groups are carefully selected with the breed, age, sex and personality in mind and will be discussed with you beforehand. 

Will you message me everyday to let me know how my dog is on your walks? 
We will give you daily reports on how your dog gets on for the first week or until you're happy that they are fully settled in. Once you are happy that they are fully settled in we will stop providing daily reports. You will see how they get on everyday on our social media pages and you will always be welcome to ask any questions or request specific updates about your dog. Due to the amount of services we provide it is impractical to provide every owner with daily reports. We will of course contact you when it is necessary or if you specifically request a report occasionally eg. if your dog has been feeling unwell and you want to know how they are. 

Are you insured to take my dog out? 
Yes. We are fully insured with PBI (Pet Business Insurance) who provide our cover for accidents and injury to animals, public liability and employer's liability. 

What areas do you cover? 
We cover most areas in Manchester and Salford. We also cover some areas in Stockport. If you get in touch we will let you know if we cover your area. 

What time will my dog be walked? 
Our walk times are 10am, 12:30pm and 3pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays they are 10am and/or 12:30pm. What time your dog will be walked will be dependent on availability and/or where you live. 

Do you walk in bad weather or when it's really hot? 
We walk come rain, snow or shine, however, in extreme weather conditions we will cancel walks and notify you. This is normally when the temperature is forecast to exceed 30 degrees. You will not be charged if we cancel in this instance, however, we will offer an alternative service such as a home visit if required. Generally on hot days we keep to shaded areas of parks and/or we go to parks where we know there is a river or a lake for the dogs to keep cool. We also try to restrict running around and we make sure there is plenty of drinking water available. 

What happens in case of emergency? 
In the unlikely event of an emergency we will immediately call you or your nominated emergency contact person if you are unavailable. All our dog walkers are trained in canine first aid. If veterinary assistance is necessary we will take your dog to your named vet or to the nearest one at the time. 

My dog is anxious. Would you take them out? 
We can take anxious dogs on our walks as long as they are comfortable coming with us. We will update you how your dog gets on after each walk until they are fully settled in. An anxious dog may take a couple of weeks or even a month to fully settle depending on the frequency of their walks. We always recommend that anxious dogs come out with us at least twice per week so they can get used to us. Once per week or infrequently is simply not enough. 

What if my dog dislikes one of the other dogs on their walk? 
If we find an imbalance within a group and it is causing a problem we will consult with you. We would look at changing groups if deemed necessary. 

I’m worried my dog may get sick or get fleas if they are exposed to lots of different dogs. Will they be okay? 
This should not be anything to worry about as long as your dog has their annual booster vaccinations. There are many products on the market that provide effective protection against worms and fleas. If you keep on top of their treatment every month you shouldn't have any issues. 

My dog isn’t neutered. Will you take them out? 
Yes. We would just monitor their behaviour as sometimes non neutered males can cause issues. If we deem their behaviour to be a problem at any point we will consult with you. 

My female dog isn’t spayed. What happens if she comes in to season? Will you still take her out? 
A female dog in season attracts unwanted attention from numerous male dogs in the park and often causes male dogs to fight. There is also a risk that the female may stray to seek a mate. We would have to temporarily suspend your dogs walks until their season has finished and they no longer give off the scent that attracts male dogs. This is normally a few weeks, however, in some cases this can be up to a month. 

Would you walk my older dog? 
Our group walks are suitable for dogs of all ages as long as they are fit, healthy and their booster vaccinations are kept up to date. 

Can you walk my aggressive dog? 
Our walks are not suitable for an aggressive dog to be on. We want every dog on our walks to enjoy themselves. 

Do you do solo walks? 
We only offer group walks. 

I don't need your services every week or every month, can I just use them occasionally? 
Yes. We have many clients that just use our services as and when required. 

Would you collect my dog from my office? 
Yes. We would just ask you to meet us with your dog on a street nearby due to parking restrictions. 

Can I make a same day booking if I'm a new client? 
We require at least 24 hours notice for new client bookings. We cannot accept same day bookings. There is important paperwork that must be prepared and electronically signed before a service can start. Every owner must also fully complete their pets profile in their client portal before their first service. 

How do I book? 
The quickest way to get in touch is by using our live chat service at You can also send us a message in the contact us section at Providing us with the following information in your initial message will enable us to handle your booking more efficiently: 

- Pet name and breed 
- Details of your requirements including how many days per week/which days ​ 

Once you have completed our client registration process we will provide you with your client portal log in details so that you can easily manage your services online. 

Do I need to be home when you pick up my dog? 
Not after your dogs first day when you will ideally need to be home to show us where everything is. You will need to provide us with keys and/or fobs if you are going to be at work or out. All keys and fobs in our possession are coded and securely stored. 

What is your cancellation policy? 
If you cancel a service that you have already paid for and do not rebook we reserve the right to retain 100% of the payment. We do not issue refunds. We only issue credit notes. We do not accept responsibility for rebooking any cancellations made by clients. All bookings, amendments and cancellations must be made using your client portal. You will be given your log in details for your client portal when you become a client. 

How do I raise a concern or make a complaint? 
We are confident that you will not need to raise a concern or make a complaint, however, we recognise that you may deem something necessary to contact us about. In this case you must put your complaint in writing and send it to our email address: 
Upon receipt of your complaint we will investigate the matter and contact you to discuss it. We aim to resolve all concerns and complaints within 24 hours. Sometimes this may take longer if our investigation takes longer than anticipated, but we will always keep you up to date.


Nicola, Marvel’s owner - ★★★★★
Last minute booking with Charlie and Friends requesting cat sitting over a couple of days. Quick response from Scott who came over to collect the keys. I was worried as our cat is scared of everyone but he took to Scott right away, couldn’t get enough strokes from him! Scott took excellent care of our cat, sending us updates on how he was doing which we loved and definitely put our minds at ease. Booking with Charlie and Friends was quick and efficient. Bookings are done online through a professional client portal which is easy to use. You can input as much information as you wish about your pet and how you would like your pet to be cared for. Scott is genuine and trustworthy. He is clearly very fond of animals. We have already made some future bookings! Definitely recommend. 5*.

Jally, Panko’s owner - ★★★★★
My dog Panko has been walking with Scott two days a week during lunch time. He normally picks him up around 12 - 12.30 and drops him off around 14.30-15.00.
Every time Scott picks Panko up its a celebration. He's 100% Panko's favourite human being. He only gets this excited when he sees Scott, I don't see him do it to anyone else!!! It just shows what a great bond Scott has with all of the dogs he walks.
I can't recommend Charlie & Friends enough. Your dogs will go for the loveliest walk in any weather condition and come back really tired!
This is a really great service if you're really busy or you're working from home and need some time to focus whilst the pupper is away!

Rosie, Alba’s owner - ★★★★★
My Scottish Terrier has been walking twice a week with Scott since January.
Twice a week Scott arrives promptly to collect my dog to take him on adventures all over Manchester. He greets Scott with affection, anticipation and love (which if you know Scotties is often guarded.) In 2 hours my dog is returned shattered and happy. We all know a sleepy dog is a happy one.
My dog struggled in day care, 8 hours of overstimulation and oversocialisation was too much for him. However with Scott as a dog walker he gets controlled play time and plenty of sniffs. He has flourished and become much more confident.
My dog has also got chicken allergies and is on special food which Scott takes into consideration when giving treats to him.
When I return to work in a couple of months, I'm very confident my dog will adjust well to being left alone due to the adventures he has with Scott.
I recommend you get in touch with Scott so your dog can join the coolest dog crew.

Emily, Winnie's owner - ★★★★★
Scott is amazing with Winnie she loves her walks with him and the rest of the doggy gang. I would highly recommend to anyone 😊

Daniel, Bess & Elsie's owner - ★★★★★
Absolutely incredible service! My two dogs just love going out with Scott! Would highly recommend!

Marcia, Daisy’s owner - ★★★★★
I have a very nervous and anxious spaniel, Daisy. As soon as we met Scott she was very comfortable and relaxed around him which is quite unusual when she meets new people. She put her trust in him Straight away.

Alexandra, Pablo’s owner - ★★★★★
Pablo loves going on his walks and is always worn out when I get home, which is good for me!


Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 09:00-17:00
Mobile: 07401 134624
Address: Charlie & Friends LTD, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ